Video Backgrounds

Along with parallax background images, we couldn’t forget to also add video background support, for that added bit of awesomeness to your site. There are essentially two places you’ll find when a place for a background video in the theme.

The first place is when you’re editing a banner for a standard page. Usually, you’ll probably be adding an image as the banner, but if you’re looking for a little added effect, you can use a video here, as well. Here are a couple of examples:

Example #1 — A page with a banner, including video background and center-justified text.

Example #2 — A page with a banner, including video background, center-justified text, and a transparent header.

Second, when you’re using the Layout Builder, you can use a video background for any section of elements. Here’s a live example, over at the Layout Builder’s demo website:

Example #3 — Custom layout with video background in first section, shaded with a 50% transparent black overlay.